wtd-7-39.jpg (24748 bytes)
Paula Murphy in "Fire-Up" Road
Jon Spoard
wtd-7-40.jpg (21384 bytes)
Paula Murphy showing Owen what was expected
Jon Spoard
wtd-7-41.jpg (22437 bytes)
Owen learning the tricks of the trade
Jon Spoard
wtd-7-42.jpg (21130 bytes)
Check out the guy in the back ground holding his ears!
Alan Currans
wtd-7-20.jpg (14396 bytes)
Early one of Owen and the STP painted 7
R Hayward
wtd-7-17.gif (129356 bytes)
Owens first time in the car apparently!
It did go straight sometimes....

R Hayward
wtd-7-22.jpg (26296 bytes)
Pit shot in imported paint job

Alan Currans

wtd-7-23.jpg (28510 bytes)
Another pit shot in imported paint job

Alan Currans

wtd-7-25.jpg (29666 bytes)
Owen knew how to do a burnout

Alan Currans

wtd-7-26.jpg (27094 bytes)
Reversing up, very early in funny car career

Alan Currans

wtd-7-35.jpg (58716 bytes)
Early days at the Pod

Jon Spoard

wtd-7-38.jpg (19726 bytes)
Owen giving it some in the early days of 7

Jon Spoard


wtd-7-5.jpg (49536 bytes)
In the pits with old foe Stardust


wtd-7-1.jpg (20228 bytes)
7 gets a clean


wtd-7-2.jpg (49954 bytes)

Smokin' again

Jon Spoard


wtd-7-3.jpg (33446 bytes)
7 in the pits


wtd-7-16.jpg (22443 bytes)
Another clean-up


wtd-7-6.jpg (37103 bytes)
Even in B&W she looked good!
Melvyn Holmes
wtd-7-7.jpg (30639 bytes)
Burning out
Melvyn Holmes
wtd-7-8.jpg (34508 bytes)
At work in the pits
Melvyn Holmes
wtd-7-9.jpg (7297 bytes)
Not a pretty site 
R Hayward
wtd-7-10.jpg (16102 bytes)
Funny angle...
R Hayward
wtd-7-11.jpg (15531 bytes)

Who won?

R Hayward

wtd-7-12.jpg (14580 bytes)

Nearly ready

R Hayward

wtd-7-13.jpg (10945 bytes)
No, go the other way!
Melvyn Holmes
wtd-7-14.jpg (20881 bytes)
Check out the ground clearance!
wtd-7-15.jpg (50959 bytes)
At a show
wtd-7-19.jpg (25485 bytes)
Owen looking cool weighing down back of tow car


wtd-7-24.jpg (28685 bytes)
Great shot inside Number 7
Alan Currans
wtd-7-21.jpg (13433 bytes)
Close up of a burnout
R Hayward


wtd-7-18.gif (165308 bytes)
When it didn't go straight, it went up!
R Hayward
wtd-7-27.jpg (26754 bytes)
Superb burnout

Alan Currans


wtd-7-28.jpg (30847 bytes)
Burnout 1
Alan Currans
wtd-7-29.jpg (33906 bytes)
Burnout 2
Alan Currans


wtd-7-30.jpg (26605 bytes)
Burnout 3
Alan Currans
wtd-7-31.jpg (22915 bytes)
Burnout 4
Alan Currans