Houndog 1

Nobby started racing in 1963 with a 3.4 litre blown Jaguar engined dragster.  With Les Hill driving, a best of 13.36 / 109.2mph was achieved.
1965 saw the performance improve with a best of 11.7 / 130mph in Houndog 2. This car cost a total of 250 to build. Houndog 2 was the first 'Dog to require a parachute, home made of course.

Houndog 2 and ancient Ford push car !


Houndogs 3 and 4 in 1966 through to 1972 saw supercharged Cadillac engines sit between the frame, (6 engines were used in 1969 alone). Mike Hutcherson assumed the drivers role and the best time of 9.7/146mph was achieved. 


Houndog 5 was the first "hemi engined" car, a 354, again driven by Mike Hutcherson who took the timeslip down to 8.1/183mph. The 354 block came from an ex-Dennis Priddle car.

Houndog 6 in 1973 saw an ex-Firefly 392 hemi sit between the frame,  and the time came down to 7.52/ 196.08, again with Mike Hutcherson at the wheel.

Also in 1973, the famous Plymouth Duster Funny Car came into Nobby's hands. The car had originally seen duty in the States, driven by Paula Murphy. 

The "original" Houndog 7 seen in Paula Murphy's hands in the States

It was driven by her at Santa Pod in the summer of 1973 before being handed over to Nobby and the team. Originally in STP colours, the car was re-sprayed into what was to be one of the best paint jobs ever. The team had really hit the big time now.

Driven by Owen Hayward, this car saw a best of 6.61/213.68. 

Houndog 7 in action

Houndog 7 about to beat Stardust

Houndog 7 in its glory above