Not content with running the Challenger Funny Car, the team built a Fuel Altered body that was for both show car use and saw action initially in November 1980, carding a 6.92/186.9.  

Using the Houndog 10 chassis, the much modified "T" bodied Altered gained the team even more fans. It had to run in the Top Fuel dragster category, not that anyone was great.

The DEMAG altered in daylight above;

at night below!

The Challenger body said good-bye with a fire in Sweden in 1983.  The chassis and engine were repairable, so the team ran the Altered for one meeting (September) as they were building a new Corvette body. The 'Vet was debuted in November 1983.  

Unfortunately, the November 1983  meeting will be remembered by most as the one that claimed the life of Allen Herridge in a tragic jet car crash, not the debut of the Houndog 'Vet.

In 1984 the team appeared with the fully finished Corvette bodied car.  The destruction of the Challenger body and the building of this car can be seen by going to Corvette.

Looking good in Colour above and Black and White below

Beating Tony Boden in 1984

I left the team at the Fireworks meeting at the end of 1984. Professional work commitments meant that my hobby had to take second place. My interest in the old days has been rekindled by one of my new hobbies, the internet.

The car ran 5.99/251, with Alan Bates at the wheel. (Owen Hayward having left the team in November 1984 too), to be the first funny car 5 in the UK in May 1986 and then Nobby "retired" from the sport at the end of the decade.

Some information has been given to me about the car once Nobby stopped racing, follow this link to find out more. Press Stuff / Odds and Ends

The first Funny Car 5 in the UK
 1986 Houndog sponsored then by John Woolfe Racing

At the end of 2001 news came through that Nobby was getting ready to start drag racing can follow the saga as it unfolded by clicking here.