These have sounds....turn your speakers up!!!!!!

altered fire.wmv


Nobby gets a burnt bum, or do you remember flame burnouts ??
The story here was that Nobby was concerned that the crowd were bored so wanted to do a serious flame burnout. He used twice the normal amount of fluid and the engine nearly died due to the lack of oxygen !

corvette 5.wmv


I have discussed this clip with Nobby and this is the video of Houndog running the first 5 second Funny Car run in Europe.


corvette 2.wmv


A night time shot of the Corvette


corvette 3.wmv


A demonstration burnout from the Corvette. The full version has the car turn around and do a burnout back the other way !


houndog 10.wmv

Owens demonstration of how not to drive a Fuel Funny Car !!!


corvette 6.wmv


How to do a smokey burnout !


corvette 1.wmv


Remember traction hops ??


corvette 4.wmv


Alan Bates in Holland smokes 'em !


The old cars in action


With thanks to Emagine Productions, a short film with a fantastic soundtrack of the old cars, including the infamous Houndog 7 wheelie, the Houndog 7 crash and the Houndog 10 incident with Harlen Thompson.


The new car being prepared

Emagine Productions filmed the team preparing for the Xtreme Wheels Show 2005.