wtd-8-1.jpg (31033 bytes)
Oh dear...
8's engine lets go
wtd-8-2.jpg (20458 bytes)
 At the top end
picture courtesy of
wtd-8-3.jpg (28073 bytes)
Nobby's eye for detail...note paint job of push car
Alan Currans
wtd-8-4.jpg (49616 bytes)
Looking great at night
wtd-8-5.jpg (96883 bytes)
Laying down some rubber
wtd-8-6.gif (56612 bytes)
B/W of engine saying good-bye
wtd-8-7.jpg (32544 bytes)
Lighting the tyres
R Hayward
wtd-8-8.jpg (34774 bytes)
In the pits
Alan Currans
wtd-8-9.jpg (27769 bytes)
Burning out
Alan Currans
wtd-8-10.jpg (33883 bytes)
Nice pit shot
Alan Currans
wtd-8-11.jpg (54678 bytes)
Great Burnout
Alan Currans
wtd-8-12.jpg (24483 bytes)
Another smoker
Alan Currans
wtd-8-13.jpg (27239 bytes)
An unusual but very interesting shot...
picture courtesy of
wtd-8-14.jpg (31846 bytes)

First 8 car field. Easter 76
Check out the size of the crowd in the background

Jon Spoard

wtd-8-15.jpg (35225 bytes)

Another from Easter 76...the black car was a bit famous!!

Jon Spoard

wtd-8-16.jpg (32570 bytes)

Lunch time ?

Jon Spoard

wtd-8-17.jpg (34843 bytes)

See how the tyres grow

Jon Spoard

wtd-8-18.jpg (32444 bytes)
On the strip for a publicity shot
See also Houndog 7
Alan Currans
wtd-8-19.jpg (24938 bytes)
 Ready to go
wtd-7-ac1.jpg (29510 bytes)
3 point turn...not easy!
Alan Currans
wtd-8-ac2.jpg (42338 bytes)
Smoker in the Spectator lane

Alan Currans
wtd-8-ac3.jpg (32700 bytes)
Smoker 1 in the Pit lane

Alan Currans
wtd-8-ac4.jpg (49199 bytes)
Smoker 2 in the Pit lane

Alan Currans
wtd-8-ac5.jpg (43498 bytes)
Pit shot..dragster and push car (pre electric stater days dont forget!)
Alan Currans
wtd-8-ac6.jpg (50909 bytes)
In case of doubt....

Alan Currans
wtd-8-chutes.jpg (27303 bytes)
Lets assume we won!
8 versus Stormbringer coming to a halt.

Nobby Hills
wtd-8-bout.jpg (51992 bytes)
Another set of slicks required....
Nobby Hills
01_houndog.jpg (33099 bytes)
Says it all !
Ron McNeils

End of a burnout
Jon Spoard

Owen in pose mode (again !)
Jon Spoard

How to do a burnout 1

Jon Spoard

How to do a burnout 2
Jon Spoard

How to do a burnout 3
Jon Spoard

End result...a good run
Jon Spoard

Just before starting
Jon Spoard