wtd-9-1.jpg (10216 bytes)
Dog 9
wtd-9-2.jpg (26861 bytes)
Houndog 9 at the workshop, 
picture taken for article in Drag Racing News
wtd-9-3.jpg (12981 bytes)
From Custom Car magazine,
wtd-9-4.jpg (37952 bytes)
Owen gets it a bit sideways!
wtd-9-5.jpg (93374 bytes)
Owen giving it large!
wtd-9-6.jpg (29620 bytes)
Dropping the laundry
wtd-9-7.jpg (41345 bytes)
Having a smoke at the Pod
wtd-9-8.jpg (31600 bytes)
In the pits
wtd-9-9.jpg (33299 bytes)
Post burnout
wtd-9-10.jpg (50998 bytes)
Traction compound time
Melvyn Holmes
wtd-9-11.jpg (38308 bytes)
Location and source unknown
wtd-9-12.gif (35462 bytes)
On a run....
wtd-9-13.jpg (10074 bytes)
In the "fire-up" road
wtd-9-14.jpg (14658 bytes)
Playing away from home in Sweden
R Hayward
wtd-9-15.jpg (34834 bytes)
At a show
Kelvin Fagan
wtd-9-16.jpg (27128 bytes)
Pit shot
Alan Currans
wtd-9-17.jpg (20861 bytes)
Another nice shot in pits
Alan Currans
wtd-9-18.jpg (22432 bytes)
Alan Currans
wtd-9-19.jpg (21718 bytes)
Still Smokin'
Alan Currans
wtd-9-20.jpg (18655 bytes)
Smokin' on awayday at Snetterton
Alan Currans
wtd-9-21.jpg (33739 bytes)
Pit shot at the Pod
wtd-9-22.jpg (17919 bytes)
A moody shot from a show
Alan Currans
wtd-9-23.jpg (24308 bytes)
Minus body...For the anorak lovers...note "short" wheelbase

Alan Currans

wtd-9-24.jpg (23649 bytes)
In the pits with yet another themed tow truck / support car

Alan Currans

wtd-9-25.jpg (27752 bytes)
While being towed to the start line
wtd-9-big.jpg (72430 bytes)
Great shot that makes a fantastic desktop background...
Howard Leeming
wtd-9-mh1.jpg (29938 bytes)
Close up of a burnout
Melvyn Holmes
wtd-9-pj.jpg (30516 bytes)
Clear how short this car was in this shot

Peter Jones

pup.jpg (60832 bytes)

"Owen..the start line is here !"

Nobby Hills

pup_vs_dust.jpg (59059 bytes)

Burnout versus Startdust

Nobby Hills

sideways_pup.jpg (35858 bytes)

Another burnout shot

Nobby Hills

smokin_puppy.jpg (47510 bytes)

May have been short, but sure could burn those of the things missing from todays F/C's ...great burnouts

Nobby Hills

Mr Hills and the Houndog show often included flame burnouts!

02_sldo.jpg (29721 bytes)
Nice when someone else does the captions..

Ron McNeil
03_sldo.jpg (70158 bytes)
Nice when someone else does the captions II.

Ron McNeil

Doesn't look like a drag strip !!!
Richard Hayward

From the days when there were big F/C fields that got shown off.

Richard Hayward

A show / demo...

ichard Hayward

Late at night in the pits

ichard Haward

Another late night shot

Richard Haward

 Unusual black and white shot

Richard Hayward

 A close up ready to go

Richard Hayward

 From the Custom Car centre spread feature

Richard Hayward

 Looks like another part of one of the big show offs on the strip...or did Owen always point the wrong way ?

Richard Hayward

Backing up
Melvyn Holmes

Against The Force
Melvyn Holmes