wtd-misc-1.jpg (14289 bytes)
A drivers view
wtd-misc-7.jpg (26849 bytes)
Owen...better in a fire suit and breathers or like this ?


wtd-misc-2.jpg (6618 bytes)
with trade-mark Stetson


wtd-misc-8.jpg (14541 bytes)
Nobby at work bending the headers to fit 'Vet body
Background other mechanic Ray Pearce
wtd-misc-4.jpg (24874 bytes)
A bit more puff sir?
wtd-misc-9.jpg (22117 bytes)
A 10,000 mile service ?
wtd-misc-10.jpg (9652 bytes)
Weekend re-build
wtd-misc-11.jpg (26538 bytes)
Another strip down at the workshop
wtd-misc-5.jpg (16713 bytes)
Owen ready to go
wtd-misc-6.jpg (20532 bytes)
Another one of Owen
wtd-misc-3.jpg (19625 bytes)
Owen suited and booted


wtd-misc-12.jpg (23475 bytes)
A  young Owen 
R Hayward


wtd-misc-13.jpg (19795 bytes)
Don't drink and drive!
R Hayward
wtd-misc-14.jpg (32341 bytes)
Wots that bit?
Nobby and Owen

R Hayward
wtd-misc-15.jpg (33912 bytes)
Driving my Dads car
R Hayward
wtd-misc-16.gif (125297 bytes)
I'm praying this baby will go fast
R Hayward
wtd-misc-17.jpg (20842 bytes)
Sunday driver?
R Hayward
wtd-misc-18.jpg (17143 bytes)
Bit of a tight squeeze sir?
R Hayward
wtd-misc-19.jpg (27848 bytes)
Wanna fight?
R Hayward
wtd-misc-20.jpg (35561 bytes)
Lovely pair.....
wtd-misc-21.jpg (34383 bytes)
1985 in the pits
wtd-misc-22.gif (504328 bytes)
Show car using "Paranoia" body
wtd-misc-23.gif (165562 bytes)
Owen in 7 in early paint job
R Hayward
wtd-misc-24.gif (145916 bytes)
Put your left leg out.....
R Hayward
wtd-misc-25.jpg (72901 bytes)
Easter 76...first 8 car Top Fuel Field 
(I think!) 
Owen in pose mode!

Jon Spoard
wtd-misc-26.jpg (21382 bytes)
Owen, Mike Fisher (Clive Skilten crew I believe) and Roland Pratt (Hillbillies) chewin' the fat
Dave Forward
wtd-misc-27.jpg (52711 bytes)
One time record holder...and proud of it!
wtd-misc-28.jpg (31044 bytes)
Themed trailer even looked the business
sldo_team_1.jpg (339439 bytes)
Anyone seen my roll of carpet,
 it was under my arm....

  Timo Aartomaa
sldo_team_2.jpg (291836 bytes)
Owen concentrating...or looking for his carpet

  Timo Aartomaa
5092.jpg (11505 bytes)

Film Star!
wtd-swe-2.jpg (32414 bytes)
At rest at the motel in Sweden alongside Tony Bodens Hit Man
wtd-swe-1.jpg (19558 bytes)
Swedish Pits
Speed_Ticket.jpg (171514 bytes)
Timing Ticket 

Jez Batch
Sticker.jpg (142179 bytes)
Stickers designed and made by Jez Batch...
clever so and so!
1-D-100.jpg (50759 bytes)
Publicity shot

Alan Currans
wtd-misc-PJ.gif (424017 bytes)
Owen and Nobby getting ready for a run in the Fuel Altered

Peter Jones
misc-wtd-hdog8.jpg (36290 bytes)
Houndog 7 press release

Melvyn Holmes
misc-wtd-hdog8.jpg (32370 bytes)
Houndog 8 Press release

Melvyn Holmes
wtd-memb-card.jpg (16790 bytes)

The things we (Melvyn) keep...a membership card from the Supporters Club.

Melvyn Holmes

houndog_crew.jpg (38259 bytes)
Houndog crew 
c.1980 /1981 ish:
Malcolm Brett, Brett Sherriff, Owen, Nobby's wife Anne, Nobby, (foreground Nobby and Anne's daughter Jodie)

Peter Jones

puppy__co.jpg (41402 bytes)
Original from Custom Car shoot: l-r
Owen, Nobby, Alan Bates, Brett Sherriff

Nobby Hills
suited_up.jpg (46423 bytes)
Owen and Nobby with their new toy, Houndog 7

Nobby Hills
through_the_lens.jpg (55063 bytes)
Arty shot of Nobby holding the body up of No. 10

Nobby Hills
US_style_night_shot.jpg (47826 bytes)
Alan Bates in the cockpit of No. 10 late at night

Nobby Hills
5.99tkt.jpg (18281 bytes)
A piece of history, the first 5 second run from  Funny Car in Europe

Nobby Hills
barefoot.jpg (20457 bytes)
And if you think I'm brave enough to put a comment down for this must be joking! 
I still have to work with him !
(All suggestions gratefully received however.)

Nobby Hills
wtd-5window_coupe.jpg (14436 bytes)

Another shot of the show car built using "Paranoia" body

Nobby Hills

Another trophy for Mrs H to keep clean....

Richard Hayward

Yes...this is a youthful Owen

Richard Hayward


Nothing to be said...

Richard Hayward

My car is down there somewhere....

Melvyn Holmes

Check out the prices...still a lot of money in those days I guess...

Nick Pettit

I'm guessing Houndog 6

Nick Pettit

Interesting letter shows all was not perfect in the old days...unless your name was Nobby Hills !

Nick Pettit