wtd-alt-1.jpg (11920 bytes)
From chassis to Altered...lesson 1
wtd-alt-2.jpg (11572 bytes)
From chassis to Altered...lesson 2
wtd-alt-3.jpg (11651 bytes)
From chassis to Altered...lesson 3
wtd-alt-4.jpg (16380 bytes)
From chassis to lesson
wtd-alt-5.jpg (16188 bytes)
We always were tidy 
workers !
wtd-alt-6.jpg (14567 bytes)
Altered looked good anywhere

Flame-out in the Altered

Altered in '85 with Alan Bates at the wheel.

Nobby lookin' on
R Hayward

Nobby liked a show!

Even in B&W it looked good!

Gleaming in the sun
R Hayward

In all its glory!

Getting the clutch checked
Alan Currans
wtd-alt-14.jpg (26521 bytes)
Words on rear spoiler say it all!
Alan Currans

Weather looks XXXX, Altered looks great
Alan Currans

In case you didn't know!
Alan Currans

Between rounds...Another dodgy shot of yours truly posing on the back of the tow truck
Alan Currans

Another smoker...
6-CA-011.jpg (35750 bytes)
It is with deep embarrassment that I  put this picture on the site as the guy with the dodgy jacket is now your humble webmaster!

Alan Currans

wtd-altered-nobby.jpg (35145 bytes)
The favourite when it appeared
Nobby Hills
cold.jpg (37805 bytes)
Judging by the coats...its cold so it must be November!
Nobby Hills
the_Houndog_family.jpg (27637 bytes)
Part of the portfolio shot for the Custom Car article..see Press Stuff...the Family shot
Nobby Hills