wtd-other-5.jpg (33155 bytes)
Stardust (ex Blue Max) catches fire against Houndog
wtd-star-1.jpg (45173 bytes)
Top end shots of Stardust fire
wtd-star-2.jpg (20570 bytes)
Stardust burns to the ground

Owen pulled Dave Stone out of this!

wtd-other-6.jpg (27696 bytes)
What Houndog 9 turned into when it left the kennel!

Alan Currans

wtd-other-8.jpg (28522 bytes)
The Houndog Challenger body rebuilt by John Spuffard, sitting on top of a Dennis Priddle chassis
wtd-other-9.jpg (26313 bytes)
The body suffers another fire...August 1986


wtd-other-7.jpg (22389 bytes)
July 1989 
Cannonball Run, 
the ex-Houndog Vet then run by Peter Barnett

Alan Currans
wtd-other-3.jpg (9648 bytes)
1990 / 1991
Houndog Vet now known as Nitro Force 
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blue_vet1.jpg (7498 bytes)
Houndog chassis, Nissan 300Zx body. c1996

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Swe-Piston.jpg (49197 bytes)
Believed to be from the engine that let go and destroyed the Challenger in Sweden

Jez Batch
wtd-glad.jpg (104729 bytes)
The late Alan "Bootsie" Herridge reaches for the sky while Owen looks on...

Jez Batch
wtd.jpg (33415 bytes)
As a guess, this was taken on the Monday after one of the big September meetings
wtd-cam-sldo.jpg (34011 bytes)
One persons interpretation of what the new Houndog was going to look like.

The Mighty Chris P

Miss STP Paul Murphy

Barry George

Dog 9 became Warlock...became Maneater F/C

Melvyn Holmes

Maneater F/C, not sure it ever ran in this set up...unless you know better ?

Melvyn Holmes